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MyEzyTax (MET) is an online- platform that would allow your tax returns to be prepared by the hands of the professionals. Unlike e-tax which is the do-it-yourself service, MET requires you to do no more than uploading your essential information and the rest of the complication is taken care by our team of experts. Your tax return is prepared in a very effective and efficient manner, that is, fast, highly accurate and legally compliant. MET is proudly sponsored and operated by Accountants Point – a leading accounting firm which has long-standing experiences in the field. The website is accessible on all devices to ensure that the service is deliverable anytime and anywhere. So let's

Process Your Tax in A Minute!

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My Ezy Tax, owned by Accountants Point authorised by Australian Tax Practitioners Board (Reg. # 24665233) We are neither a free service nor a government entity. Although the ATO provides a do it yourself E-Tax softwareat no cost, My Ezy Tax offers the benefit of preparing your tax return by professional accountants and tax agents for a significantly lower fees than visiting a tax agent. For more information refer to compare

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